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Idle/starting problems

Hi guys.
I'm new here so let me introduce myself.
I'm ian from the uk.

Iv just brought myself an 02 plate 318i and have had nothing but problems with it. Took it for a test drive. Drove like a dream. No clunks or bangs. So decided to buy. After picking it up. Drove the 20 miles home and had a smell of burning oil coming through the interior heater vents. Had a look and it looks like someone has spilt oil while changing it. Anyway decided to carry on. Stopped on the way home for some food. Got back in and it wouldn't start. After about 4/5 times of trying it finally went. Got it back home. Tried it again and the coolant hose burst. Rang the garage. They took it back as u see warranty. They had it 2 weeks. Changed the crank sensor. The thermostat and the O2 sensor that they said were flagged on a diog. Finally got the car back today and still having the starting problems. Only when warm tho. Starts first time when cold. Also when pulling off in 1st have to put the power right down as it feels like it will stall. Wich it did a couple of times. Then took a few times of trying to start it to get going again. And this is quite worrying as it stalled at lights on a main road and held traffic up etc. and am now petrified of driving it. The EML doesn't come on or anything like that.
I kno a little about cars. Not a great deal but enough. Does this sound like an ignition coil problem or something a lot more deep rooted? I have been reading posts about rough idle wich mine is experiencing a lot until I put my foot down and it seems to sort out until I stop again at lights etc.

Have spoken to someone who seems to think remapping the ecu might help a bit? Am getting to the point where I am petrified of driving it incase it stalls on a roundabout and I can't get it started again.

Thanks in advance
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