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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
I downloaded some different texting program that overrides the standard texting program. Problem solved. VZMessanger I think.
Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
I have handcent which has an option to reply all or separate. Also has data messaging, amongst other features.
So let me give you a couple scenarios, because this is a deal breaker for me. A crap load of my friends are always sending group chats.

1. You text multiple people - Every time they respond, it stays in the same thread, yes?

2. You are part of a multiple text - Your response can be replied all, and also... the other recipients responses will also be grouped to the original text?

I haaaaaaaaaaate getting random numbers from a group text response that I have no idea who it is. At least if it replies into the group text, I can easily ignore it.

Thanks guys

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