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Wow! Honestly, I really believe I am seeing the slow but accelerating deterioration of the GOP as a viable governing party. It's hard to know where to start as to how this will further damage their already fractured brand. The House GOP has essentially shown itself as ungovernable and only put the Dems and Obama in an immensely stronger bargaining position. If the right wingers were gagging over Boehner's Plan B, they choke to death over anything else that will now come down the line. This is to say nothing about the higher level of disdain the general public will hold them in, as clearly indicated by every poll on the subject ("Who would be to blame for going over the cliff.) If they keep this up, their shocking (to them) losses in 2012 will be but a flesh wound compared to the flaying they should expect in 2014. Did they not absorb ANY lessons from the recent election?

Oh, and the NRA's hallucinatory presser on Sandy Hook! Utterly bizarre, even surreal and completely loosed from reality. Armed guards in every school, like what worked so well in Columbine? Perhaps kidergartner's should also be armed and given NRA sponsored markmanship lesson before their nappy times. It was only bitter icing on the cake that there was, yet, another multiple shooting during the press conference itself, including a woman fatally shot while decorating for a children's Christmas party at a tiny church hall among two others and the shooter himself being killed by troopers.
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