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Originally Posted by Jim Murphy View Post
IPT told me that my transmission would be turned around in two weeks - it is now FOUR weeks and the latest is that they are waiting on back-ordered BMW part(s). When I ask about what was damaged in my transmission they can't give me a straight answer, so I have no idea. What I would love is for someone on this forum who lives nearest to IPT in New Jersey to pay them a visit and thoroughly check them out as to what is actually happening. Did they lose some of their technicians or what? Customer service?

I paid the full amount BEFORE they even started on it.


I'm sorry to hear about the delays, and the lack of information.

I too paid in full up front, but I got excellent service, and I think it took in total 1 month from door to door. That is, one month from when it left my shop in Canada, crossed the boarder, was worked on, came back across the boarder, and arrived back at my shop.

Hopefully you get some better info soon?

FYI, I've also been waiting weeks for back-ordered little parts from BMW on many occasions. For example, the transmission - torque converter input seal.

What I would like to know in greater detail is what they do to the internals to "beef them up".


PS. My project is still in my brand new IPT trans is literally still on the shelf unused 2 years after getting it rebuilt.
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