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hi guys. well yes fuel injection is goining to be the only way to go i just wanted to get it runing and ecu to still work first,drive it a little before i start on injection system.rigth now working on getting the drive by wire to run the throtle body on a stand alone fuel system but thats for later for now i did get the tranny ecu to shift with the chevy tranny and to work the indicator in the cluster so that means that the neutral safety switch is working and the engine cranks with the key yaaaa! for the drive line it is still two piece bmw with slip yoke end.and the wieght problem as you will see when car back on the ground the front of car is half inch higher then before.the wieght differance between the m56 and tranny to the small block and tranny is minimal and its all in how you postion it. yes there are added support to rear of car but not going for 500hp,500ftlb of torque going for a solid 350-400 hp with 350ftlbs. this is to be the best of both solid power great handling car classy ride.i do belive the diff will be fine, but belive me i will have fun finding out how much power it can handle then ill go from there on that.and yes my biggest goal is to keep as mutch bmw in the bmw as for a/c p/s alt waiting for cnc part to be finished and then all will be installed with origanal pulleys so all will spin at same speed it did on bmw engine and still running bmw ecu and sensors so all will function as did before. i am adding one pull fan to inside of radiator shroud.special adapters will be in next friday for fuel system and tranny cooller lines so more pics after that for front of engine and cnc parts will be on.
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