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Question Need advice - interference noise via media bridge

Need some advice??

I get tinie noise every 1-2 sec from the unit thought the speakers or interference from the mediabridge which I bought from http://www.bavariansoundwerks.com/ (BSW). Purchased the bluetooth, iPhone (usb), with microphone, and Sat Radio. My main reason to buy this was to stream music via bluetooth (BT). I don't have or care about Sat Radio. I've been debating if I want to install the mic or not. It's connected just sitting in the glove box. I have BT headset I love which allows me to call/answer from either my Samsung or iPhone which the mediabridge is not going to do.

It doesn't seem to matter if I'm playing from the USB cable or bluetooth (BT). Or if I'm playing music from my Samsung S3 or iPhone 4s. I followed the BSW installation video by using the connection from my 6 disc CD changer in the truck. I ran the media bridge cable under the back seat (easy to remove thanks to video) then laid the cable along the passenger side of the car (currently it's just laying their not tucked in under the trim until I solve this problem) and place the unit behind the glove box. Connected the mediabridge usb cable and mic that came with the unit in the glove box. Connected my apple iPhone cable to the USB in the glove box. Again not sure if I want the mic in the car or not.

The interference noise has nothing to with the engine as I can hear the noise through the speakers when the engine is off.

I do NOT hear the interference when I listen to the FM radio and I did not hear it when I listen to my 6 disc CD changer which was in the truck.

I travel for work a lot so I also use my phones every week to play music via BT in a different rental car each week so again no issues. Only time I hear interference is when I stream music or play music from my phone(s) via BT in my car.

Plus I also removed all of my BT devices from the car except my iPhone to verify the interference was NOT being caused by other BT devices. Thus did this same test with my Samsung (removed my BT headset and iPhone) from the car. Originally only had my iPhone connected to BT and not my Samsung S3 so I know it's not multiple devices. I only paired the mediabridge with my Smasung S3 after a couple of days and I wanted to see if the problem was my iPhone.

Originally after installing the unit it took some time to pair with my iPhone however that may be of been user error not the device. Now every time I get in the car it's a toss up with phone is paired first. I don't care which one get's paired first as they both phones can stream music and/or has my playlists on them. :-)

When I get a call my media bridge works fine however it does get interference.

I also notice the noise when I listen to navigation app on my phones. As an fyi.. I can stream music via BT then have my navigation app will stop the music then give me voice directions as required (works perfect).

My goal was to install this in my 2001 BMW E46 seden then if things go well I will install another unit in my mini convertible.

My 2001 BMW E46 has the OEM business radio with a tape drive. I bought the car new with 8 miles so I've had the car this whole time and demanded the car be sealed (no one was allowed to drive muchless sit in my car). I LOVE my car.

Any suggestions?

BTW.. I left them several messages asking them if Samsung S3 would work and they never replied. For those of you who have inquiring minds. Samsung S3 paired with the unit immediately (no issues). Samsung does stream music from google music and from the device itself but it too has the interference sound. Wondering now why I bought the unit from them as I don't have any confidence they will reply to my inquiry about the noise interference as it's very annoying. I recorded it the interference on my other phone which you can clearly hear the tinie noise.

Thank you everyone who have provided feedback on this as I really want to be able to stream bluetooth music from my car._nr_
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