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Originally Posted by Angelic0- View Post
You guys do realize that the motor is sitting where a M43 would sit, and last time i checked the 4cyl E46s with good suspension handle better than the 6cyl ones due to the motor weight sitting behind and in line with the strut towers...

also, with the transmission being a heavy object he has placed the weight more backwards in the car, again a good thing...

Don't go bashing on the mans vehicle, i do however suggest a aftermarket soloution on the "blow-me-up" stock radiator & fill-up canister...
The 4 cylinder E46s handle better because they are lighter, not because of engine position. This Chevy V8 may weigh more than the M54, it will shift weight up front. No one has a problem with this. It's just something we're pointing out since our cars are known for the their 50/50 weight distribution.
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