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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
The numbers between the N54 335i and the N20 328i are almost identical. If you want to rationalize to yourself why your vehicle is better then it's your prerogative.
Not when you drive both cars back to back. I test drove both cars, and while the 328i is quick, 335i feels much quicker, although yes, the numbers are close (0-60 times, at least). At high speed, 335i keeps pulling. I'm not in the US, so i drove both cars at their limits without getting into trouble with the authorities. The 335i reached 260 kmh (around 160 mph) easily. Using a gps, it's probably 155 mph give or take, but the 335i reached that speed much more quickly than the 328i, or at least i felt that way. Both cars are still faster than both my e46 and e60 though And theyre both more comfortable than my e60 in stock form.

N20 is an amazing engine. It's everything a good engine should be: powerful and fuel efficient. If some of you feel the car lacks soul or whatever, it's not the engine's fault. It's the chassis, including the steering, tires (the 328i i drove had goodyear efficientgrip tires), etc. I dont care much about the so-called diesel engine noise at idle. Just blast the stereo.

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