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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
When the framers drafted it, civilians had the same arms as the military.
Present day, I see NO problem with civilians having access to fully automatic weapons. We do, but they are TAXED and do to regulation very EXPENSIVE
Do you know how many people have been killed outside of war with automatic weapons?

Semiautomatic weapons? Again, not even close to a problem. Hand/Feet/Fists kill more people every year than ALL rifles and shotguns COMBINED.

If you take emotion out of this and use pure logic... ITS RETARDED
I don't disagree with you at all. I am firmly of the opinion that we should reference the facts on these types of issues (which is why people who are up in arms about texting and driving are misguided).

The discussion came out of legal decisions based on the letter of 2A.

Even though I support status quo gun ownership, it doesn't mean I can't recognize (or opine) that it requires a very liberal interpretation of 2A.
Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
I don't see what is ridiculous by robbing with a sword.A sword in one od the most lethal wepon !!!

It's more easy to kill with a sword than with a gun.

A sword is more frightening than toy-looking gun like glock.

robbing with a sword is a good thing
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