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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
On the radiator a manual at least...

I removed the Radiator with ET on it and dealt with the disassembly out of the car.

If you remove the ET first though, I think there are literally only 3 screws holding the radiator in. It lifts out very easily. There are clips you'll see it sits in at the bottom...and then just a few screws...Two at the top corners and then one lower on the left side iirc.

The big thing on the radiator is to make sure you get the right one (auto or manny). The OE originally came with a leveling screw so one radiator can be converted to either auto or manny, but the Behr we get AM doesn't have that...or didn't when I got it anyway.
Sorry to hijack the post but I'm changing out my radiator today
and the Nissens fitting instructions say to use silicone or a non acid grease
on the o-rings. What would that be?
Is Lithium acid free? Didn't know grease had acid in it.

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