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Water/Methanol squirters? Fuel burn properties altered by voodoo chemistry? Pushing more timing advance by program hackery? You guys blow me away. My engine still scares me. Anything outside the stock operating parameters may be entering the danger zone they tell us. Reading these stupid forums scares me. Less than 10 percent of owners dare to step into the twilight zone of engine modification. You see purists up here demanding to only use BMW oil or anti-freeze. They claim any alterations to our highly engineered drive-train will result in fiery explosions. Should you require dealer service, when the tech looks at your modified car you'll be shunned and ex-communicated.

You 10 percenters offer hope to all. They're just a freakin' car after all. We should all should bolt on super-chargers and spray nitro-methane into these buggers. I'll bet some of your cars scoot like a banshee. Tuner madness should be received as leading edge information not just crazy talk. Keep on with your R&D gentleman, it's sure fun to read about and ponder tweaking our own a tad.
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