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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
Hi there guys.

Iam thinking of buying these headers from trader nas and a pair of these 200 cell metal cats
I don't want to run catless and also i don't want to have a CEL..
If i cut holes on the cats, (remove/cut the second bungs from the headers) and weld the holes for the post cat sensors on the cats like supersprint, will i have a CEL...???
1) This is overall just a bad idea. Why would you remove your cats to get headers, and then add cats again? You will have practically no benefit to spending what's probably going to be $500 (this is if you do the installation yourself, if not, add another $3-400)

2) If you don't want to run catless and don't want a CEL, enjoy your car as is. Again, I'm seeing no point to what you want to do.

3) Bimmerbrake headers are the same cost as the eBay headers, and they come from a vendor here. Tradernas is a greedy SOB who noticed the demand and shot up his price from what used to be around $60.

4) There have been at least 3 different methods mentioned in this thread alone for eliminating the CEL with no cats.

5) Those SS cats don't have the sensor bung IN the cat itself. Putting the post-cat O2 sensor anywhere downstream of the cat is fine.
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