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I have ordered a total of 5 China type flashlights off of eBay; each using the CREE XML T-6 LED. It blows my mind how much light these things give out.

The first two of them use the pipebomb 18650 battery. After learning more about these (JonJon) I started my search for a similar type using regular batteries.

They are few and far between but I found some! At under $15 each, I bought three different models from three different sellers on ebay. All use 3 AAA batteries (or 18650) and the CREE T6 LED.

Anyway, they rock! Each is a little different.

1. I like the best, but does not fit 1" rings for pic rail, superwide solid beam, no halo, but the rear button sticks out and not protected.
2. I like second best, fits rings, but 1 out of 2 was defective (slide loose for focus, did come on though)
3. I like third best due to beam not as wide as #1, but it has a clickable focus, and is the unit is the smallest

All three have adjustable focus, strobe, and rear controls.

Anyway, at 4.5v for 3 AAAs, batteries should last decent time (like an hour) lsince the LED works down to about 3v.

I tried to find a reasonable Fenix version that used reg batteries. Only a couple of models and they are waaay overpriced for the same LEDs ($250). I am sure the build quality is better, but at 10-15x the price, it just gets silly.

What I do not understand is why someone can not make a $50-$100 light that has 3 T6 leds that run off of 3 D batteries. Its so simple. 3 Ds = 4.5v and as much as 3000mah. Run the 3 LEDs in parallel, so each wants 3-4.5v and the standard circuit driver has 3 output levels to save batteries.

You would get hours off the D cells and a ton of light dim-able down to normal.

1. 2.


Amazon has AAA Duracells for $.53 each!
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