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Hi mate, sounds like you're having very similar problems to my 323 at the moment, starts and drives fine from cold but as soon as you turn it off and then go to drive again soon after (without letting it cool) it does the same as you are describing. Its been a bitch to find the problem but i eventually think ive found it. It seems to be one of the camshaft position sensors (a common problem ive now come to realise).
Dont know if its the same on the 318 but mine has 2 of them, one on the intake cam and one on the exhaust cam. Apparently if it is the exhaust one the car usually doesnt have any issues but if the intake sensor is faulty then you get the problems we are having. I put the car on a fault scanner this week and confirmed the faulty sensor. I got the falt code P0340 cam sensor bank "A" fault. Going to change the sensor myself ASAP and follow an old thread I found on here. Take a look...


I bought the sensor from GSF yesterday for 47 and doesnt look to hard to change.

Hope this helps as it took me a while to figure this out. Let me know if you want anymore info and I'll let you know how the replacement goes._nr_
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