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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
Thank you for your time & reply mate.

Future plans may be f/i or going ///M.. for now i want to improve my exhaust sound and get the most of my exhaust with the less possible money..
I want to be enviroment friendly and i also hate that bad smell (catless) that's why i want to do headers with 200 cell metal cats.. But before buying stuff, i want to see what problems i will face.. cause i don't want trouble with CEL.. and i want to pass emissions..

There is benefit.. with aftermarket headers & cats compared to oem.. i can understand that catless gives more gains.. but i don't want that..
I believe aftermarket headers have better flow than oem.. and oem cats are 300-400 cell.. with 2 200 cell metal cats (like supersprint does) i believe i will have some gains, pass emissions and be enviroment friendly..

I will check Bimmerbrake headers also..
Iam from Greece.. i have 2-3 friends that bought from trader nas and were very satisfied..
There is no benefit to what you're doing. Put that money to better use and save for your M/forced induction.

If you're going for an exhaust note, there are literally dozens of different muffler/axleback/catback exhaust options.

Going by internet/North American market prices:
- OEM Catback & Block Gaskets = $90
- Copper head nuts = $30
- Headers = $300
- 2 High-flow cats = $200
- Cutting & welding of cats = $100 (at least, stainless welding is more expensive)
Total : ~$750, not including VAT or installation.

Best case scenario, you will gain 6-8hp, which you will never be able to feel. It takes at least a 10% overall increase in a car's power to be noticeable. For this cost, you might as well get coilovers, a proper dyno tune (even cheaper & more power), or purchase a shark-injector.

Mark my words, you will regret the decision to go ahead with this project, should you choose to.

Originally Posted by Wickedly View Post
ac can you lead me to where the 3 methods to eliminate the CEL light please?
We've discussed them via PM, where I provided links to my contributions, and they are mentioned in this thread.

- EU2 tune
- O2 Sims
- Custom AA/3rd party tune
- Non-foulers (don't work)
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