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-combat proven reliability
-polymer frame is lighter
-external safety is in "1911 style" design, so easy to manipulate
-excellent trigger

-proprietary rail does not accept conventional picatinny weaponlights, so you need an adapter (SureFire makes one)
-Very expensive
-Large grip
-HK. Because you suck. And we hate you. (HK is known to have very poor customer support, and getting replacement parts is difficult)


Sig P226

-combat proven reliability
-metal frame is very strong
-no external safety, which aids simplistic/minimalist design
-hammer decock lever for safe decocking
-Some models have a picatinny style rail, which accepts conventional weaponlights

-metal frame is heavier, which is not always conducive to CCW
-long trigger pull is a problem for women and small-handed shooters
-Recent complaints with Sig rifles having poor build quality and reliability. Unknown if this is going to affect pistols (so far it does not appear to)
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