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Originally Posted by JTripper View Post
Did this to the TEE and ended up with a BLUE SCREEN after completing all the steps. Windows wouldnt restart properly got 3 blue screens then had to go into safe mode and remove the FTDI driver files from the Univ.Serial Cont. NO MORE CRASH DUMPING FOR ME

So what is the "other" alternative route(s), aside from obtaining a laptop/netbook with xp on it? I'm anxious to get this thing started already!!!
Originally Posted by fire730 View Post
Mine did the same thing every time I tried to close the program. After I finally got it to load. I have a $34 paperweight as far as I'm concerned.
I have it running on virtual windows xp on my mac with parallels.
However, the steps given in the link are supposed to work. Many here in this thread has made it to work. May be you got the wrong drivers or the chipset was not compatible. Sorry guys, it didnt work.

I dont have windows 7 64 bit laptop anymore. So, I will try to figure it out on virtual windows 7 64 bit on my mac. Dont know how it would help, but I will certainly try. However, it will have to wait till the holidays are over.
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