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Originally Posted by bjornh View Post

(This might sound stupid, but; )

How fast does the android side load when you turn the unit on? And if the unit was in navi/android mode when you turned it off, will it automatically be there when you turn it back on - as if you switched a tablet off/on? Also, when you turn the car off, is the android side completely turned off (requiring it to boot every time) or does it just go to standby and pause your activities?

I can only speculate on those at this juncture (I won't be installing mine until my rear view camera / hvac controls relocation kit come in.) but from what I have been able to surmise from watching videos / reading reviews / etc, I'd bet it boots into the "Radio" mode, and that the Android side turns completely off when it shuts down, requiring it to boot back up after you start the car. I don't know, though. Standby would be a much better option, so I'm holding out a little hope, but I would be a bit surprised if that were the case. Since it's Android, though, if it's rootable we might be able to use Tasker to ignore whatever it's doing to shut it off / have it do something else.

Sorry that I'm not of more help right now.
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