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i have to wait for xmas to remove the broken bolt becase im getting a new screw extractor set for xmas.

until then ive been trying to keep the ball rolling and i got some of the interior back together. by the end of today i should have a decent ammount of the interior back in the car. I'll take some pics after im done for the day today and post them up.

One problem i ran into was my passenger door pannel will not stay tight against the door at the bottom (near the speaker). for some reason it keeps poping out. When i installed the Dash frame it was hitting the door pannel when i tried to close the door. I assume it was because the bottom of the pannel wasn't tight against the door, so i decided to just remove the door pannel and deal with that later. Has anyone ever had any problems with their door pannel not staying tight against the door? i replaced all my plastic clips so its not due to them being broken/missing
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