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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
Jesus. How close do you live to work?

Ill do a review in January. They were back ordered that's why she told me. But I'll definitely do one
1.5 miles, but I stopped into the Macy's on State Street about 2/3 of the way.

Edit: the wind was calm. If the wind is kicking, it can be 15-20* warmer but feel worse. I also wear a 550 fill parka, heavy pants, and boots in weather like this.

Looking forward to the shoe review. Nike and Adidas offering stuff like this is a huge change from the options out five years ago.
Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
I don't see what is ridiculous by robbing with a sword.A sword in one od the most lethal wepon !!!

It's more easy to kill with a sword than with a gun.

A sword is more frightening than toy-looking gun like glock.

robbing with a sword is a good thing

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