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Originally Posted by kevro View Post

Next, was the gas pedal TPS sensor. There are six leads and to be honest, I don't remember which ones I used, but along the first row of three pins, try two of those and if it reads 0, try the other two. Same with the second row of pins.

I was hoping to re-address this, I have tested my tps from the front of the motor and found it to be good.
The pedal has 6 pins kinda like this

. . .
. . .
1 2 3
if i connect pins 1 and 2 i get zero reading
if i connet pins 2 and 3 i get a reading of .48 ohms.
however it does not change at all when the gas pedal is pressed/depressed
I have two gas pedals and both of them respond the exact same way.

when checking pins on top row, assuming the same numbers, same thing on both pedals.

I really feel like I am doing it wrong. If there was no change at all, the car wouldn't have moved at all.
I assume when you tested you separated the top row from the bottom row? I have read there are actually two tps built into one sensor to give the cpu a better idea of actual readings vs bad readings?

the tps from the front of the motor tested EXACTLY as you described above and smoothly throughout the range.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I am having a similar issue. I have checked all combinations of pins and either get an open circuit, 461 omhs or 58 ohms. And as with kevro, when the pedal is pressed i get no change in resistance... Anyone else have better luck? Or is my pedal just junk?
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