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Originally Posted by xXJay22Xx View Post
Yes, I know there is a search bar and a lot of people spoke of this, but isn't that the whole reason for forums to ask questions and learn more regardless if people talked about it in the past?

Every new useless thread makes searching for information harder as the search results return more and more crap. I don't expect you to understand this though and continue to ask the same questions.

Originally Posted by xXJay22Xx View Post
They don't realize every question is different. Peasants don't know how to think with their mind and talk out of their asses.
You're talking out your ass cause your question is no different, its been discussed to death.

Originally Posted by xXJay22Xx View Post
I heard rumors that clip on angel eyes tend to break. Is it true?
If you search, or go to the lighting forum and read, you'll find out lots of information about how likely the clips are to break.

That's what a good new member would do, especially after having been advised multiple times. Keep up the crap and you'll find out how friendly it is to have the knowledgeable members ignore your stupid questions cause you're too lazy, ignorant or entitled to search.

Yet since you're going to continue to ask dumb questions, I might as well shut you up. I have Khoalty LED halos, they look like this up close:

and this from far:

and are nearly identical to the Umnitza LEDs, even down to the harness and clips (I helped a friend install his Umnitza after I installed my Khoalty). Albeit the Umnitza LEDs are whiter, while the Khoalty LEDs are bluer and cost less.

The clips tend to break during installation if you're a dumbass, so I am confident you'll break them.
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