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Originally Posted by FloridaE46 View Post
The question is.. How bad does it feel? I don't know what kinda pain/troubles its giving you but here's my case.

I tore my rotator cuff when I was 24, not rare. I could have gotten surgery but I opted not too because after research I came to the conclusion that surgery had a good chance of making mine worse.

My everyday life hasnt changed. I sleep fine and lift things with no problem.
BUT, when I frequent the gym or when I'm doing certain strenuous activities it does start to bother me a little, but nothing crazy. I just massage it and it goes away after a little while. Nothing to really bother me though, I've found that in the gym I just need to practice excellent form and not try to be a crazy power lifter...

In the end I suggest you try to rehabilitate it first, then see how you do after a year or 2.. Then if it is bad to where you think you need surgery then go for it. Use it as a last resort.

Shoulder, back and hip surgery suck.
No, mine is a lot worse than how yours sounds. For me it's hard to get to sleep and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night from the pain. It doesn't hurt all the time, but it doesn't take much for me to feel pain. For example, using the computer at work... if I use it for more than 10 minutes straight, my arm will drop from the pain just from holding it up using the mouse. I can lift things, but I'm in pain for a good 20 minutes if I life anything over 10lbs. My shoulder is constantly popping, not dislocating, just a pop... like when you crack your knuckles. At first he said "I was thinking we try PT, but from how much it's popping it would be better to do the surgery."
- Alex
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