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Originally Posted by SMUUUUUV View Post
Orion lites are the rings not the headlights. The price for Orion lites start at $69 and if you want the opaque add $20. The Opaque lights look way better than the regular led angel eyes. They contain a "covering" that make the lights look better when they are off because you dont really see the led's like little pieces of rice surrounding your headlights and look better when they are on because of the same thing. Khoalty angel eyes are $129...and are identical to the Orion lites without the opaque option. Do the math..... Get the Orion lites with the opaque option then form your own opinion and take it from there. Those are one of the lowest cost option you have for led angel eyes. Heres the link for khoalty angel eyes. As you will see that they are identical to the regular orion lites and $60 more.... For more info on your lighting need visit the "Lighting" forum on this board. There you will find all you need to know about lighting for your car....
You're partially right, our old angel eyes were identical to orion lites and we sold them for 50 bucks a set, not 60, not 99, but 50, to us that's all they are worth, they're problematic. There's a reason we dropped them

The Helios on the other hand, are very different, brighter, and a hefty warranty, and are much more comparable to others even higher priced products.
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