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Originally Posted by RedBarron View Post
Yeah, I am back home and she never wanted to hang out, however still texted me every few days I asked if she wanted to hang out she said she was busy. Then the next day she wanted to go bowling then backed out. This is just frustrating after 6 months she still is not out of my mind. I should just post the 1000 of nudes I have of her and she will not want to talk to me. I truly love this girl I guess it's hard to let go, we talked for 30 min the other day she was telling me a lot of personal things. Should I tell her on the phone we should either try to work this out or just let me go and let me move on, how should I go about that?
I wouldn't say that. You put yourself out there and she didn't want to hang out. Lay low and see how it goes. If she doesn't make a little effort to hang out then she doesn't want to.
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