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Hi Jay, bmw has engineered the rear light assy on the 323i e46 2000, in such a way that it maybe hard for you to see the fault area, simply because the area that was fauly on mine was hidden under the connector part of the assy. so if you don't open up the assy. you will never be able to see it.the only reason i fould the fault. is because i used an ohm meter on the light assy connection before i open the assy,and found real high resistance on one of the connections, of course its challenging to take the connector off the assy, cause its got plastic melted in fasteners. and on the question about the bmw bulbs vs aftermarket bulbs, i really cant ans that question, but i did hear from a bmw technician that regualated the bmw bulds are made to a specific resistance, and that the computer can sence differences in buld resistances, therefore giving out erroneous readings. but i personally dont by it at all,. Why? because i think all bulb manufacturers are regulated to comform to stringent specification. but thats just me
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