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Originally Posted by SMUUUUUV View Post
I have had them for a few years now and none have broken and they all have been Orion Lites....You do have a few members here that tend to stress the "Search" feature instead of offering vital information or just not saying anything relevant at all, if it bothers you dont fuel their fire that is within them with a retort equal to their response to a previously mentioned request....Just put them on ignore. This actually is one of the more friendly forums on e46fanatics....
In that case I think I'm going to go with the Orion Lites Opaque 6k and add the life insurance lol. Whole reason I was wanted to get the new headlights was because some people's review on Angel eye rings tend to break. Since you have experience in this I will take your word . Although I wanted a true white color, but 6k is good.
Exactly my point, offering vital information is great in many ways. Reason being, because old post get outdated and certain things change. When new information is added on to a person asking the question again lol I'm just saying. To be honest, it doesn't bother me at all I always come across these people. I just tend to push their buttons a little to see how far their attention span reach. Yes indeed I am really thankful to everyone who responded and help me get useful information.
Thank you again, sir. You have changed my mind in this forums

Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
For the record, I don't think I was being rude or a "know it all" by any means. I would have provided the link, but I was on my phone. With that said, here's the link to the stickie.
Sorry, I mistook your reply after I read the other guys reply so I was kinda in that mood of defending and ended up thinking you were siding with him. In that case, my apologies to you. Thank you for your guidance

Thank you all for the reply! God bless you all! and Happy Holidays and a Happy new years to you all!
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