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Originally Posted by UDown0311 View Post
Got it working:

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Now that I've taped into that accessory wire does that mean that if I try to install AE's I can't use that one? Or can you have multiple taps going into one line?
Use a relay, and use that accessory wire to trigger the relay. Draw the main power from the positive jump start terminal or some other high current power source. Then it will only be like a 200mA load on that accessory wire, and the load of the accessories will be directly on the alternator and battery so you will only be limited by your relay or the fuse you put on the accessories.

If you draw too much load from that accessory wire, short it, or send a power surge back through it, you risk expensive electrical damage that will literally immobilize your car.

With your current setup by the way I understood your description, if that lighting wire accidentally gets damaged and shorts, you'll blow an engine compartment fuse and your engine won't run if that fuse blows.

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