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Last night was ****ing crazy.

Saturday afternoon I saw a guy who worked at the hotel I was staying at in the bar, made small talk and he told me to go to LIV. I said **** it and decided to go. After staying at the Fontainebleau for so many years, I decided to check out the famous club downstairs. He tells me to go around 11 pm to beat any foot traffic. Apparently he has some kind of connection there so he asks for my number (no ****?) and says he will call me.

After waiting for an hour, I get a call from another guy - Louis. He gives me the name of a promoter and gives me her number. I call her right away and ask her for details. DJ Roger Sanchez, 40-60 dollars cover, get there at 1115 latest she tells me. I'm sold.

I run across the street to the liquor store and grab a mickey of jager and a pack of redbulls. Get back to the suite and start pounding and getting ready. I get a cab around 1145 and get to FB at 1150. Big MISTAKE!!! By the time I get to FB the "line up" for LIV is massive. It really wasn't a line up at all, but a mob of people standing around a barricade yelling at the bouncers to let them in. Bouncers walk up and down the barricade deciding who they let in based on looks and ratio. Girls always got in first. I end up waiting 45 minutes before I get pissed off and decide to leave. A couple of girls I was with end up leaving and going to Mangos. Something changed my mind and I said to myself "**** it, I'm already here. Message the promoter". I did and she told me to talk to a guy named Keith. He lets me in 5 minutes later. By now it is 12:45. After hearing rumors of cover being 120, I'm a bit happier when I have to pay 80 (STILL STRONG WTF). By this point, you can tell how pretentious this club really is.

As I walk in to LIV my mind is automatically blown. Tech house blasting, beautiful girls, amazing venue. Good times ahead surely, or at least I thought.

After waiting an hour to get to and into the club, I lose my buzz so I decide to get a drink or 6 at the bar to reactivate it. Well it was no surprise that drinks were $15 a pop. I get two and decide to do a round. I see people smoking inside the club, doing drugs literally in plain view. Bouncers don't do ****, but when people start taking pics they get aggressive.

After a few mins I have to use the bathroom and on my way there I see a couple of guys that were waiting in the line with me. We talk, one of the guys seems cool and we decide to go see what the crowd is like. His ******* of a friend keeps following me EVERYWHERE I go. This guy was a strong creeper, 2/10 weird mother. We go outside for a smoke and realize these guys aren't drinking anything. one of the guys tells me he doesn't drink. Cool. I'm shitfaced by now, and the creeper starts asking me about investments, mortgage rates in Canada and just random bullshit that I didn't want to talk about on my Saturday night. So when he asks me about my portfolio I become a bit frustrated but quickly realize that I will never see anyone there again, and I go into character. All of a sudden I decide to say a story of how I was born on a farm in Canada, made my way to a big city and am a big shot investor. I tell him about my investments --> ETF's, TSA's, MMA's, BBCFA's. I start lying through my teeth and making crap up and he is buying it, or at least it seemed.
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