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By now it's around 230 am. We walk downstairs and an older lady (late 40's) grabs the cool guy and asks him to talk to this girl that she was with. I'm happy because his friend is gone, I don't have to talk to him anymore, and I can just go dance and do rounds solo. He comes up to me about 30 mins later and tells me she was a Greek princess or something like that. She did have security around her and what looked like a match maker. I went up to her match maker initially when she grabbed the guy, and thanked her for setting them up or something, just made small talk. She told me she knew a guy that would be interested in talking to me. I asked her to repeat what she said and she did. I give her a look that apparently made it clear I thought she was crazy. I laugh it off and walk off, alone at last! I end up dancing with a couple of girls, one of them married (WTF are you doing grinding on guys when you are married woman!?) and decide to bounce around 4am. As I'm walking out, I see a guy get body slammed to the ground by the bouncers and a police officer, picked up, and then thrown head first into a taxi. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Guy seemed legitimately ****ed up!

I ended up getting a cab home and going to bed around 430, woke up early to check out. Such a brutal hangover this morning. It was a good experience but I don't think I'll ever return to LIV. The girls were pretty, but on par with girls in Toronto. Cost was insane for what you get. I ended up spending over $300 for a few hours of partying and barely drinking any alcohol. Again, it seems like a club where people go to show off their wealth, definitely not to enjoy the music. One booth had 14 bottles come at once. Seven hostesses with 2 bottles in each hand with sparklers. I don't know how people can drop so much money on partying every weekend...

anyways I'm hungover, and sleep deprived. I hope this made sense lol
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