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I posted this information in another thread but figured it would do justice here since it might help expedite the process. I did feel like MacGyver when I "thunk" of my shoe string!!!

If you have a big screwdriver or something strong enough to press down on the bolt while you take a quick smack with the hammer onto the 32mm wrench to initially loosen nut; it has worked for me for years. Obviously you know it is a reverse threaded.

Now I did just figure out something so funny and yet so effective when it was time to put the fan back on. This has always been my nightmare part I dreaded dealing with the fan. I have even had my girlfriend help with me because she had small hands but still this was a royal pain for me.

I unlaced my sneaker and used my shoe string and carefully wrapped the nut with the shoe string. Carefully lowered the fan and shroud down into position. With one hand held the fan in position by holding a blade(my fat hands) and put pressure inward on the nut. Then I used the other hand and slowly at first pulled straight up on the shoe string. It was just like spinning a top it; in about 3-5 seconds it was over half way threaded onto the bolt!!!

I can not tell you how much I had dreaded re-installing the fan/this has made it so so simple for me. Then I tighten with 32mm wrench then do the same thing(in reverse) to tighten the bolt.

I had to do this again about a week ago to swap my alternator--you can use a thin strap(once you loosen nut) and wrap it on the nut kind of like you would if you had a string on a piece of wood and you are trying to start a fire by twisting it. This saves the 30-50 times you have to pull 32mm wrench out and put back in to loosen with quarter turns.

I think with the tool to hold the nuts it will make it even easier process to tighten/loosen nut.
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