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Thank you guys, thank you Blue Prop--nothing like a group of people who talk with a high degree of knowledge and sincerity to the support of all of us in solving our problems.
Well--a few days ago I did the brown wire splice to bi-pass the plug, by using a 12 gauge wire directly from the Brown Wire to the ground on the assy. I will need a week of two to definitely confirm that this is the fix. My symptoms on the dash Tail light Warning Light was that it would go on for a few days for not apparent reason, and then be off for a week or sometimes two. If this fix works, I am happy, but need to go back and secure the jump wire better at the ground point. The 2000 328i does Not have the the (male) tab on the assy to plug in the jump spliced wire (assume this is also true for 2000 323i) like the newer E46's, so I need to drill ground hole to create attachment point for good ground.
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