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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
Ok, let's get back on topic..

I feel the same way as I did paying for Dubya's jaunts to Austin or Clinton's vacations or Bush Sr., or any other president before him. Dunno what the big deal is, Presidential details cost money, and the $$$ goes up with time like any other commodity. And the $$ number you quote is sensationalized anyways, no one has the means of knowing what the exact costs are, it's one of those things hard to quantify accurately.

What's inexcusable to me is finding out I paid for Secret Service to provide security for some a$$hat who wasn't even keen on running for President in the first place. All those hard-paid tax $$ down the toilet for a moron who took the nation for a ride with his unique combination of stupidity, lack of respect, criss-crossing webs of deceit, ineptness and irrelevance..
That's the definition of most politicians...what's new? Your jimmies rustled?
"You are free to make choices. You are not free to escape the consequences."
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