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Originally Posted by UDM-E46 Enthusiast View Post Guys, the only reason I brought this up is because I'm considering possibly becoming a mechanical engineer, or anything that's associated with cars. I'm a pharmacy technician at the moment, and while I enjoy taking care of people I also love working on cars and improving them. I'm deciding what I want to do with my life, which is why I wrote what I did. My wife's going to graduate this may as an RN. Really, the plan was for her to finish school while I took care of the bills, and then switch..I would continue towards my career in nursing. I had to stop school because my father decided to be a jerk and leave the family when I was 17, and I had to step up and take care of my family, being that I'm the only guy " 4 sisters". I ended up completing 1 year of prerequisites and had to stop due to this dilemma. Anyway, I'm sorry to take your time away, but this is simply me finding myself, now that you're questioning my "soberness.", haha. I feel as if I'm really late at finding a career while all of my classmates reached their goal and recently graduated, " I'm now 26." So it seems I have to choose from becoming an RN, or becoming a mechanical engineer..or something to do with cars.
Let me make a clear distinction. There is a huge difference between a mechanic and a mechanical engineer. Mechanics fix and maintain cars. Mechanical engineers design cars, as well as practically every other thing around you that might be considered man made. That's not to say that mechanical engineers can't maintain and fix cars. They can, but most don't bother. They give it to a mechanic. One might say that all mechanical engineers are mechanics but not all mechanics are mechanical engineers.
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