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Originally Posted by montikme View Post
BMW AWD splits tourque 40/60 normaly. If ABS detects slip on on of the axles the power can be put up to 100 percent onto an axle. If your tire threads are off up to a certain depth nore power can be going to that one axle all the time heating it and wearing it down. So my guess is that the vibrating is caused by the axle trying to engage.
Ah did not know this.
Thanks for the info but I highly doubt this is the case I've had 4 different tires on the car now since purchase and its doing it so I highly doubt my depth are off cause chances are slim on 4 different sets of tires lol

Plus my xice tires I just had mounted, balanced and car aligned were measured at 9/32's all 4.

I did order the TC bushing and hope to have that replaced soon. If that doesn't fix it then I think there is some underlining driveline things going on that I might have to just live with lol!
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