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All HKs can run cocked and locked, though the P30s and HK45s need to have the right variants for it. If I were choosing between the Sig and an HK, I'd take the HKs for this reason. A long heavy double action trigger pull is more of a "safety" feature than anything else. Both Sigs and HKs have drop safeties, so the only way to drop that hammer is with a trigger pull. From an LE perspective, a lot of agencies running DA/SA require the gun to be decocked if the gun cannot be put on a cocked and locked safety like the HK. If I were to have the choice, I'd rather run a gun cocked and locked and have that shorter lighter SA trigger pull, as it's much more consistent with the first shot and leading into the second shot from that end.

...Of course, I have really small hands, so I can only use the HK45 and P30s because the USP is too big for my warrior-sized hands. I can't run long DA triggers, which was part of the reason why I got rid of my Sig P226.
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