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Originally Posted by stevenluczynski View Post
Dude just drop it.. not the time
Not the time? Too soon? People die every single day. Someday it will be a member of your family, someday it will be a member of mine. Why are we being so sensitive about this? I don't understand. You need to conceptualize your place in the universe and understand that you are literally inconsequential, just like everyone and everything around you. Oh, but me drawing a comparison to the practices of my own government is just too much, too soon, right?

Originally Posted by WheyArea View Post
Warfare vs. random crazy person. Apples and oranges dude. Please leave or stop being confrontational.
I was never intending to be confrontational. I posted a link to an article that outlined scarily similar happenings and people jumped all over me. I never even stated my opinion on the topic but people came at me. Yet, you call me crazy.

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