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Originally Posted by trj View Post
+1. I hate mesh of wires.

Yah, knock off adapters do not transmit audio through the 30 pin as well. And the apple adapter is ridiculously priced at $30. I might have to buy that anyway.
I need to mount the phone for GPS purpose, so I have to have the cable to charge the phone. Bluetooth is out of question, as it will only drain the battery quicker.

I have another wire for GPS or mini USB tucked behind the panels with the connection coming right out above the vent on the driver's side. The wire travels beneath the driver's kick panels, behind the radio console to the fuse box. This will be useful if I need to run a standalone GPS unit.

If I ever get a radar detector, its going to be hardwired at the rearview mirror.

I love wires and playing with them, but I hate it when they come in between wherever I am reaching.
Also, I want my cigarette lighter free as I smoke.
Both my 30 pin connector and my lightning connector are knock offs and they both transmit audio and charge the phone/iPad.

I have my radar detector mounted in that exact spot, right by the mirror. The cord is out of site behind the mirror.

I have a 2 USB adapter that sits flush in my cigarette lighter so I can still close the ashtray lid, I love it. I moved onto vaping and I can charge my batteries in there perfectly. I keep my cigarette lighter handy though, just in case

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