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Figured it's time to stop being scared to work on the car and do something. Going to clean the throttle body, icv, maf and install new plugs. Can't wait to see how dirty the icv is.

Edit: So, it's 4:00 am and I found out the oil separator is also leaking. Yay! Merry Christmas. The hoses are very stiff. Might as well order that cold weather kit ECS has since I have everything taken apart right?

I actually didn't start until 11 and had some beers so I took my time pretty much taking apart the entire upper driver's side area. The throttle body was dirty in the engine side. I'm glad I completely removed it so I could clean that side properly. The icv was black on both ends. The gasket was fine, but again it was black on the inside. The upper/lower intake boots were fine on the inside, but were showing early signs of tearing on the outside so might as well replace those also.

Every plug, except for #3 had oil on the top and were soaked on the thread ends.

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