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Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
I had to read that twice. My head hurts. What a poorly constructed rant.

sorry. My head hurts too. It's been hurting since I totaled my car. They call it a concussion. Besides, you forgot. This is not a classroom. I wasn't posting a thesis, but a comment. Which is a totally different direction from what you were wanting (composing ha, please).

Just for you I will clarify while my medication is at its full potential. Full meaning 100%. (here goes). My trip to the dealership was a waste today. Not only did they waste my time. They tried to sell me a car that was $3k more the average cost for a model that was completely stock.

Notice I used three types of sentences there. Can you name them all? You shouldn't point fingers, when you did the same. The rule for typing numbers in a sentence is if it is before the vowel you use the words (ex. First, second, third). If the number appears after the vowel, you use 1, 2, 3, etc. In you case you should have typed 2 times instead of twice.

@Amoeba You are right. I guess I'm trying to say that this car had just got on the lot and they simply made up a price which was way over the average.
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