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I have an Apple Display and 15in MBP. The Display is nice but my MBP has always been weird. I guess that in my mind I still prefer the matte screen. Anyway with the Apple Screens, I've calibrated for day and night editing. Then to make sure it's correct I print them. From what I've been told, it's not just the screen calibration but the printer too. I know my screen sucks, but my printer is on point. I've printed in house and at photography stores (Adorama, Kodak, and 100yr old local shop). And every time my photos look great. Actually better.

For printing.. If I know I'm going to print at the local camera shop, I bump up the brightness a little because they print with PC software. I just did a series of events that Adorama pics printed and they were a tad bit brighter. Which is great too. I was expecting that, so I didn't mind.

Long story short. Worry about the output. Where you are going to print, you still need to adjust. Learn how to use your Histogram and adjustments in White Balance.
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