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Originally Posted by saxual328ci View Post
Okay so I went to the dealership to look a car they just got on the lot. 2001 325ci. The dealer says to me they didn't go over anything that the car has because it just got on the lot, so she will have to show me when we get back from the test drive.. So I say no problem, I'm familiar with this model. We get to the car to test drive, and she says to me I have to drive it off the lot. I say no problem, but in the back of my head I'm thinking if you haven't driven this car, you won't know where anything is. So before we could leave the lot, I had to help them turn on everything that she needs to see out the window. Yes, them because one was training. To top it off it's snowing outside and the windows are fogging up. Plus we are headed to start driving on a busy road. Ooh and I had explain the stuff on the steering wheel.

(rant) After the drive, why did the manager give me a quote $3000 over the average price? $139xx for a 2001 e46 with no packages. I would have thought after I showed the dealer how everything worked on the car and gave more info than they were giving me ..that would give them an indication I knew how much the car would cost. If I paid $20k for mine, why should I pay $14k (stock) for a car that has less? That can't be right. I bet some sucker will buy that.

end rant
It's a 2001 not a 2011. Is it fair to assume this "dealer" is your neighbourhood shiit lot? I wouldn't call it a dealer, more like a car lot.
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