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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
He won't cringe...I think it'd be a wry grin.

You should read more and plan on flushing out your system...rinsing a couple of times with distilled...drain each time from engine block plug until what you drain is clean. I drive around just a little bit...let it cool down before draining...and replace crush washer at the final fill.

There are coolants that don't intermix well and form a gunk. I don't believe this is an internet myth.
Thanks Dmax, I bought 6 gallons of distilled in anticipation of needing 2 if not 3 flushes.

Did you bottle up every bit of water that came out from flushes after the initial drain?
Is there a point when what you are draining out has been diluted enough that it's no longer and environmental hazard?
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