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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
Is there a page for all the CF games stuff? I'm feeling interested in it after I give physique one more shot.

I definitely have the strength, but the conditioning is far from there.

Are the CF games split up tested and open like bodybuilding? Or all tested/all open/all "drug free" but not tested? This would be a new world to me.
You'd be in a good place since you're already strong. Conditioning will come quickly. Crossfit.com has crap programming so I use some others for my inspiration. Crossfitfootball.com is awesome though. As you know from talking to us there is a lot of crappy parts about cf but the guys that are at the top are pretty legit. Whether they juice or not. People just get confused because they do "crossfit" and wonder why they can't get to elite levels. It's because they do "crossfit" and think strong deadlifts will come with workouts that include a mile run, 100 push ups, and 2000m rows. That's their own fault for believing that though.
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