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Okay, this thread has been very enlightening for me...

Hope i'm not being rude threadjacking you guys a little bit?

I'm doing a M62TU swap into a E46 that had a M43B19 engine prior...

Both have what i beleive is referred to as A6000 style DME... (MS42,43,45 are A6000 style?)

I'm not sure which, and that is why i'm here

The M62TU utilizes wich DME ?!?!

Looking at electronics from the car, and the X60001, X60002, X60003, X60004 and X60005 connectors, it seems that apart from having to ship my ECU to RPM motorsports for a EWS recoding, the DME will plug up perfectly and i will only need to wire up the accelerator pedal...

Can anyone confirm this for me and answer the above mentioned questions, i have been basing my knowledge on my research of MS42 and MS43 schematics...

Thanks in advance you guys, all help is really appreciated....
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