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Originally Posted by Ballistic325 View Post

as many would know I've made a trip up to Surfers with the family for a holiday. All well so far until I ran into some trouble today...

It looks like my alternator or voltage regulator is on the way out. The battery is only 2 months old and I don't believe the symptoms relate to a faulty battery.

ABS / DSC lights flashing for no reason (stand still on Cavill Ave), headlights dimming and coming back, car almost stalling for no reason, radio and instrument cluster going all haywire..... and me freaking out.

I managed to keep it in neutral and revs up whilst waiting for traffic to move which seemed enough to keep the charge up. Made it back to the hotel at Broadbeach where the unruly beast is sitting in the garage.

I realise that this is the holiday period and I'm in deep need to get this sorted ASAP. Scheduled to drive back on Saturday and obviously holiday plans are on hold to get this fixed.

Can anyone recommend a BMW tech / workshop in the area? Anywhere I can get an alternator repaired or replaced?

Alternatively, if there is a place to get parts and someone's tools and garage I can borrow, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks guys
Recommendations would be to have roadside assistance come and diagnose the issue just in case it is the battery or something as simple as a loose connection.

You'd be hard pressed finding parts and a reputable place to install in 2 days normally. Let alone at this time of year when heaps of wreckers and workshops close.

If it is the alternator then I'd get up first thing and call all the wreckers around SEQ to try and find one that's open and has an alternator.

You're welcome to borrow tools but I'm in Brisbane and don't have an area where you can work on the car. I use my car park but I'm not really allowed to do this so don't feel I can extend the invitation sorry.

Good luck with it!

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