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Originally Posted by Chilton88 View Post
As Jeff said from Dynavin, these are different units with different proprietary software and hardware. What compelling evidence do you have to show they are the same units?

Read the entire thread on these units and also look into other forums I've mentioned here. A person who buys this takes on the responsibility with all issues associated with the product.
This is the correct way to look at it. It seems over the last few pages that these posters have missed much of what happened in the middle of this thread....I thought this thread would die based on all the bad experiences but it seems they have been buried in this giant thread! I think some very important info is being pushed back a few pages and the bad stuff that happened only a couple months ago is going to end up costing some fanatics in the future....

Originally Posted by PainBreak View Post
While I do appreciate your financial sponsorship of the forum, I have no delusions it's based in opportunity rather than benevolence.

I have no allegiance with you, nor any other sponsors of the forum; my allegiance is with fellow members. I don't post here to hurt your feelings, start a fight, or deny you a customer base.

If there's a better place for me to post my opinions about the "Enco B046" than in the thread "Enco B046 - Dynavin Clone", I'm all ears.
This isnt about hurting anyone's feelings or starting fights. There is A LOT of misinformation on these forums both about these units AND the dynavin units. I was pointing out that your post was incorrect, the units are not the same, not really even similar.

From what I have seen the Enco and the other units by different names would be more accurately called Hualingan clones, all the pics I have seen show that they appear to be the similar to the Hualingan units from a couple years ago. Those units existed alongside the early dynavin units, they were not copies, they were a competing product. But for all the reasons mentioned in this thread they failed. Dynavin kept going, and now the enco units have shown up looking similar so the story repeats itself......I posted about this early in this thread but I would not blame anyone for not reading a 100+ page thread....

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