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The adjustments through the bottom of the door will make the window go "up or down"(vertical plane) more. You will have to remove the door panel for the adjuster that will make the top of the window (with window all the way up) go toward the roof (horizontal plane)(where the window meets the top) or away. So, let's say you hear whistling and can see the window is partly pulled away from the roof - the adjuster behind the door panel. If your window isn't closing (when you run the switch up)- this is done from the bottom of the door. Hope I cleared it up like mud... I only know about these because I was in there and found them.."surprise" ...and when the wedge fellout, I thought I messed up. I studied the way it was together thankfully, although that wasn't the way it was meant to be put together. Just make sure yours has a RUBBER O-RING or a band on bottom of the wedge assembly (this keeps it together when you are trying to adjust)

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