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Originally Posted by farmdog View Post
Fix your fence don't want those turkeys getting away.

Originally Posted by Mike325i View Post
people who have little to no experience driving in the snow are terrible drivers when it snows, even if it's a little bit of snow. I'd rather not deal with them and stay home. Most will insist on leaving the house for unnecessary things and put themselves in harms way. Be it their own terrible driving or that of those around them.

I grew up in southern california. I never once expected to shovel snow in my life. It's not anywhere near that this year, but I don't like even a little snow. I don't mind going somewhere to see the snow, but I don't like it on my doorstep.

For reference, this is how it looked outside my house today. About 30min-1hr south of the OP.
I agree, The roads really did not get bad. Not like they did 2 years ago.
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