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Oh that's brilliant. Iv been told by the garage that I brought it from the crank sensor was showing a fault so that got changed but read somewhere on another forum that when the crank goes the cam sensors go at pretty much the same time. Iv been looking at a remap to get me some better bottom end for take off etc. but will look at the cam sensors also.
Am taking it to a guy a friend of mine knows who only deals in BMW's so will see what he brings up. It's running a lot better than it was but still not right.
Have kinda thrown myself in at the deep end really as iv only just passed my test and the BM is my first car so I'm guessing most of it is me getting used to driving it but there is defo a problem with it.

Thanks for the reply. Will get that checked out ASAP.
Let me kno how you get on mate. Hope it gets sorted for u
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